Lady Bash

My name is Lady Bash

I work as a Spiritual Coach, the Head Madam of an online School of Witchcraft, and an Inspirational Thought Leader in the Pagan community. I am honored and excited to share my Spirit Spread Blog at Eclectic Wisdom. Thank you so much, to the co-owners Fred Allen & Matthew Self, for allowing me to interact with your clients and followers.  Thank you for your confidence and trust. I look forward to aligning with the ebb and flow of nature in your service, providing new opportunities for growth and development through access to Spirit.


My Path The Old Ways

I am a secular Practitioner of the Old Ways, infusing witchcraft and personal power with energetic workings and scientific law. I have high respect for Omniest religions and find myself closely resembling the Spiritual Path of Enlightenment philosophy. #SpiritScienceWitch. I have been on a path of spirituality since the age of 3, and have been emersed in metaphysics for the past 17 years. If you have any questions, please feel free to follow me on Twitter, Etsy or FaceBook @BashBlends™ #WhiteWitchLevelUp®


My Deck

As I’m sure you well know, there are many levels of Cartomancy and Divination. The deck I use is Graven Image by Natalie Zaman and Katherine Clark; it’s one that has been with me for years and is known as Shadow & Light Divination. You’ll notice all the images are of headstones and there is an implementation of a unique lettering/numeric system. There are no ‘Reverse’ images in this deck, as each card portrays varying levels of Shadow & Light (Subconsciousness and Consciousness).
This deck is what I call, “a no-nonsense” sort of Deck… meaning it will swiftly and concisely get to the point of the matter. This deck can often feel intimidating as if a powerful and necessary message is waiting. Please note: I have a Paper&Ink, and a Digital version of this deck… picture quality may vary depending on the Pulling Platform ❤️


What To Expect:

Friday’s I will post a Reading for the upcoming lunar cycle ❤️.
This means the Reading for the upcoming FullMoon or NewMoon cycle will be posted the Friday before the cycle begins. In my experience, this schedule provides a few days to make adjustments and preparations based on the Reading. I will post the corresponding dates on each blog. The Spreads used may vary. However, I will provide the Positioning, Full Spread, and Interpretation per card 😍💕😍. Please keep in mind the transitional energy between the Full and New Moon.

Keep a Look-OUT for our first Lunar Reading 10/13/2017. We will be Inquiring on the upcoming New Moon cycle, Oct. 19- Nov. 1 ❤️

Love in Shadow & Love in Light
Lady Bash

Reading: New Moon