The Empress - English MagicThe High Priestess of The English Magic Tarot comes to us today. I absolutely love this card in nearly every Tarot deck, but I especially love this depiction of her. In this particular depiction we see the image of a woman reaching down into something that appears to be water, or at the very least a barrier of some sort. 

I see this particular image not as water, but as a separation between the mundane and the magickal or spiritual. The High Priestess is the one that holds all secrets and mystery. She is the one who knows how to go beyond the veil and reach into those higher things. In many religions Wisdom has been embodied by a woman. Even in Christianity the Holy Spirit is written as feminine in the original languages. 

The reason I love this particular image so much is because we see the High Priestess reaching through the veil into the mystery or subconscious mind. You can see from the images that it appears that she simultaneously exists in both realms rather than what is in the water simply being a reflection. There is just so much to take in here. 

The message of the High Priestess today is to take time and look at where you need to connect to your Higher Self or subconscious. She asks you to trust yourself. Your intuition, your higher self, it is a part of you connected to the Universe and will never lead you wrong. It is the still small voice. Nearly every world religion has some version of this. The High Priestess is reminding you to listen to this. Don’t unnecessarily complicate things and overthink them. Go with the gut, the intuition. We all too often have a habit of complicating things more than they need to be and as a result we end up going different directions than what we should. The High Priestess reminds you that connecting with the spiritual is just as important as breathing and eating. 

As you meditate on the message of the High Priestess think about where in your life you need to connect more to your intuition. Where are you overthinking and over complicating? Step back, calm and ground yourself. Let your intuition guide you and when you get that guidance trust it, whether it makes sense or not to your conscious mind. 

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