The woman rune is another common rune that tends to show up in my readings. There are a few possibilities of what this rune could mean for a particular person in a particular situation. Gentle action and refocusing purposes are some of the main qualities that I see in the woman rune. In readings or single drawings when focusing on a rune, the woman rune can let one know that a new or changed focus is in order. The woman rune represents feminine certain additional actions as healing, being creative, nurturing, and being a healer. One of the first things that I think of when delving further into the woman rune is a mother. The mother is, in my opinion, one of the best symbols of the woman rune. Most of us go to our mother for help when we are in need, sick, at a loss for words, for guidance, etc. I believe this rune tends to hit closer to home because of the motherly aspect of the woman rune.

Home, in regards to the woman rune, can be a physical place that you are living at, or it can be more of an emotional state in how you feel at home and comfortable when life is good. Drawing the woman rune can be an indication that there is a need to refocus in one’s life. This focus can be because you’ve gone away from home or because there is trouble at home. Appreciate what you do have in front of you, though, and the possibilities of the future to come. Work on your focus in life and gently make your home, whatever that may be, what you need it to be. Caring, nurturing, and creativity will all benefit you from here on out!