So, it’s been rough lately. Between surgery recovery, illness, depression, etc it’s been rough. I’ve had to step back from nearly everything. That said, I’m back! And boy does it feel good to be back. 

The card above is my card for today. It’s a perfect reflection of how things are feeling right now. The Four of Wands suggests a time of celebration and a time of stability at home. It feels like this is exactly what’s happening in my family and home right now. It’s a time that things are coming together. Things that need to fall away are falling away and things that need to come into life are manifesting. 

It’s a time of healing and love. This card today heralds a turning point, one that I’m very glad to have reached! 

Thanks to the counsel of some great friends (including the incomparable Lady Bash, our new blogger) and other things I’m falling back in love with life and will be back with my dailies after today! 
Love and light to you all. 💖