Ostara Knight of Cups Today we find the Knight of Coins from the Ostara Tarot. This is an interesting version of the card because of the bear and the Knight forging uphill in the snow together. It’s actually an excellent illustration of what the Knight of Coins is all about. 

You see, the Knight of Coins is a hard worker. He’s one that will never let adversity stop him. Like all of the Knights he’s a card of action. Unlike the others he’s not one to go on emotion or passion. He’s a methodical worker. He sees his goal and where he needs to go and relentlessly pushes himself forward regardless of what’s in his way to get there. The bear with him suggests strength and will to push forward no matter what. 

There are times in life when things seem insurmountable. At these times it’s easy to give up. The Knight of Coins is the one who refuses to give up and when he appears to you he is telling you that now is not the time to give up. It’s the time to separate all emotions from what you are doing. Look only at your desired goal them make a meticulous plan on how to get there. There may be parts of this plan that you don’t care for, but that’s the way it goes at times. Once you have this plan, do not deviate. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say. 

The appearance of the Knight of Coins today suggests that you may be in need of a reminder that all will be well, you just have to keep pushing away. You will get to your destination, even if not exactly as you initially imagined.