Eight of Cups Ator

Today’s card is the Eight of Cups from the Ator Tarot. The Eight of Cups is a challenging one. As you can see from the image it immediately appears sad and lonely. There is a reason for this. You see, in the image you see a man wearing red walking away from a stack of eight cups. 

In this image the cups represent work that has been done, perhaps it is completed, but more likely it isn’t. Red is a color of action. So, here we get the sense of someone walking away from work they’ve done, but they are walking away intentionally. 

Sometimes in life we work hard for something but realize that while it may be bringing us material success it isn’t actually fulfilling and may more actively be harming us. This card brings with it a sense of disappointment. Things in life haven’t turned out the way you had hoped. Perhaps your plan has gone exactly as you planned, but the fulfillment you thought it would bring just isn’t there. Perhaps this is because you went for something for the wrong reasons. Perhaps you are giving and giving and feeling like you get nothing in return. Whatever the reason, you are likely feeling burned out and tired. 

When we come to these points we have two options: continue working in hopes that things will change and you will begin seeing the return and satisfaction you want or walk away and let it be with the understanding that you are leaving something behind you have worked hard for, but that there is something else out there that is better for you. 

If you find yourself in this situation and the Eight of Cups appears it may very well be calling you to action. The message of the Eight of Cups is that sometimes it is wise to walk away, even when all conventional wisdom says otherwise. There is a quote that I love that says, “Don’t hold onto a mistake just because you took a long time making it.” This is the basic message I read when I find the Eight of Cups. Walking away from something we have built is never easy, and it nearly always is painful, but sometimes it is the right thing and will open the door to better things. 

When meditating on this card today look at your life. Are you feeling stuck? Are you feeling like there’s something that just isn’t giving you the return that you need or desire? Is there something that you have worked long and hard on building, but rather than bringing you joy you are only finding more difficulty? Perhaps it is time to set it down and walk away. Walking away is painful, but it opens up space in your life for new things to come into being. 

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