The Living Earth Oracle is intended to be an intuitive oracle with large vivid images and simple words to wake the imagination and intuition. Everywhere one looks there are messages that could be hidden in the simple things. When you see an old tree standing majestically, what does it say to you? When there is a storm rolling in, what message does your intuition bring? When you witness rapids in a river, what do you hear? It as questions like these that informed the creation of this deck. This is a 22 card oracle designed by Fred-Allen Self and exclusive to Eclectic Wisdom. Each image has been photographed by Fred-Allen or Lady Bash of White Witch Level-UP, LLC. The cards measure¬†3.5″X5.75″ and are printed on high quality playing card finish designed to protect against scratches and to minimize light reflection. The Living Earth Oracle is available for PRE-ORDER NOW on our Etsy store. Follow this link to pre-order your copy now!

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