Energy Spread: Lunar

The lunar phases and dates listed and for the sake of my Practice are based upon Astrological data.  This data can be found and followed with a Moon-Phase Calendar.  I use the ‘Moon Calendar’ Mobile Application as it provides the Scientific input for more accurate energy interpretations.

The following Spread is designed to tether the upcoming Lunar Energy, beginning the New Moon (October 18th) and ending in the Waxing Gibbous cycle (November 2nd).  This is NOT a Tarot Spread, nor is it a Tarot Deck.  So, join me as I explore the Shadow & Light of the Waxing cycle ️️.


Divination Station


Many of you know the natural lunar cycles, but let discuss what is happening in the cosmos before we dive into the Divination aspects of our Spread. The New Moon (0.00% visibility) is Day 1 of the lunar cycle and occurs on October 19th.  However, as the lunar energies move with Cosmic Ebb&Flow, we begin experiencing this energy on the last day of the preceding lunar cycle (Day 30 or 31), growing from our New Moon towards our Full Moon.  This is what is known as the “Waxing” cycle.  As the moon experiences this growth of visibility it is essential to remember our growth and manifestations.

Pulled Cards 10/13

E-1 LambOverarching Theme Card (Full Cycle)

Lamb — E1


This is our Overarching card and is attached to the energy of the entire cycle.  This emotional card of consciousness is presenting an opportunity for growth.  We see this emotional presence in the elemental Water, ruled by the Moon. The Lamb represents innocence in its purest form. When we look at this card it suggests the observation or action of self-sacrifice.  The sacrifice we have made or have avoided making… at the benefit/demise of what is considered sacredly innocent. This could literally be the innocence of a child, or as abstract as the innocence of something you believe pure or without blame. Is this yourself? Is this another? A situation? A pet project… perhaps your career or schooling.  Get ready to explore this realm of Emotional Light, or bring to consciousness that which emotion serves as sacred, pure, innocent and without blame.

As with all opportunities for growth, EmotionLight consciousness takes effort. As we grow within our individuality, and in tandem with the growth of the Moon…  it is important to remember the care that you give to yourself (health, rest, nutrition, recreation, exercise, food, etc.). This awareness plays a huge part in your ability to be of use to others. When looking into the emotional consciousness of the lamb we must be “willing to give from our place of need, not just our place of excess…”  While being cognizant to not bankrupt ourselves physically or spiritually.  The divine opportunity here being, as we grow we must take care to preserve the purity in our priorities of emotion and intuitions.

The divine opportunity here, as we grow, we must take care to preserve the purity and innocence found in our natural emotion and intuitions.


D3 GatePosition 1- New Moon Energy

Gate — D3


This card is placed in position one and is attached to the energy of the New Moon.  The gate of divine light represents opportunity, advancement, achievement, and progression. However given that this opportunity is divine… it is not something that merely happens. There’s a powerful calling in these days of zero visibility to seize the moment and take the risk. “Walk through the gate you have seen and have yet to enter.” ~this is your Divine invitation.

Recalling the purpose of zero visibility with the new moon energy, we see the beginning.  A new journey, a new realm of possibilities unfolding.  We are working towards the full moon (growing) to then shed, in these beginning stages of growth we are asked to be proactive.  Our ability to self-motivate and believe in our abilities serves the highest good of manifestation.  The gate is open… Are you ready to step through and claim your growth?!?


p9 CupPosition 2- Waxing Crescent Moon Energy

Cup — P9


This card is placed in position two and is attached to the energy of the Waxing Crescent Moon.  What we see here is an invitation to know yourself in the realm of shadow, or what is hidden and unseen (subconscious). Often when we are in a stage of growth, it’s tempting to accept emotions that are less and genuine. It is time to sincerely seek the root of your motivation.  “Here we find form without substance.”  When we fill our physical cup with Shadow, we create issues of a self deceiving nature. What intentions are hidden in the depth of the cup?

As we continue to grow towards the energy of the Full Moon, we are asked to observe and adjust motivations that do not serve our highest purpose.


d7 wreathPosition 3- First Quarter Moon Energy

Wreath — D9


This card is placed in position three and attached to the energy of the First Quarter Moon.  We are halfway to the point of Full Moon-ifestation, teehee.  You’ll notice the circular symbol is that of completion. By now there has been much progress in your growth.  Looking to the Overarching card, you’ll notice the increase of emotion and intuition in sacred innocence.  A clear path is forged behind you.  You can concisely see from whence you came.  Do not get stuck in the passion of previous momentum and accomplishments…this leads to complacency and entitlement.  There is still much to be done. You cannot bank on what has been achieved, you are building something new, and therefore you must begin anew with physicality, emotion, mental energy, and spirit. Don’t get lazy or you can lose it all!!! Keep pushing as further actions will produce full benefit. Don’t miss out.


Position Four – Waxing Gibbous Moon Energy

Chain — P14


This card is placed in position four and is tied to the energy of the Waxing Gibbous Moon; leading up to the day of Full Moon. Over this waxing cycle, we have experienced the connection toward the Overarching theme of Lamb E1 (Emotional Consciousness and Light).  In this moment of growth, we see more manifestations in our external world.  Having been ushered by Spirit into the realm of emotional awareness, it is important to seek aid in dealing with behaviors that ground our highest nature.  That which has us fixated and chained… that which no longer serves us.  Engagements of excess an extreme,  are now being commanded to fall away, producing a more authentically aligned version of Self.


I’m so honored to share this upcoming Energy with each of you and to experience it along-side you.  I look forward to our next Lunar Energy Spread covering the November Full Moon and Waning cycle…. available Friday, October 27th.

Love in Shadow & Love in Light

~Lady Bash

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