Hermit Hermetic

Today we find the Hermit of The Hermetic Tarot, which is an incredibly powerful esoteric deck. As you can see from this image there is simply all kinds of symbolism in this single image. As such, this deck can be quite powerful for revealing hidden knowledge. 

That said, the message of the Hermit today is not nearly as complicated a message as the image on the card. Whereas the more traditional Rider-Waite based Hermit is typically representative of a time of soul-searching or retreat to find inner knowledge I find that the Hermit of the Hermetic Tarot is a more active card. This Hermit represents hidden knowledge. The image of the snake honestly brings to mind, for me, a bit of a forbidden knowledge. All of the esoteric symbolism suggest to me a master of his Craft full of all sorts of arcane and occult knowledge as well as in command of all the world around him. His title on the card is even, “Magus of the Voice of Light.” This doesn’t bring to mind one who is hidden from the world. 

One of the main messages that I get from this Hermit is to know what you know. In other words, have confidence in your knowledge and the power it brings you to shape your life and to even help shape the lives of those around you. If you are lacking that confidence, now is the time to begin seeking it. Don’t like self-doubt sabotage you. The things you have worked hard for, such as accumulated knowledge, are yours. You have worked for them and you should let nothing rob you of it. Remember that there was a time that in your field of study you knew nothing. Also remember that you have come a long way from that period, even if you are in the middle of your study. 

On the flip side, if you have not begun that path of learning and studying the things you desire to know, the Hermit is calling on you to take the time of study seriously. Commit yourself to the path that you have chosen. Become a master of your own knowledge and let it make you a force in life. These formative times are important. You are the only one who can learn for yourself. Your teachers and mentors cannot force you to digest what they give and cultivate that knowledge in you. One important thing about this also is to remember: don’t be intimidated by those who teach you. They were once as you were. Many who teach would love nothing more than for you to surpass them in wisdom. 

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