Five of Wands - Ostara

Here we find the Five of Wands. I absolutely love the unique imagery of the Ostara Tarot. It is incredibly evocative and is actually the result of a collaboration between three artists. I chose this deck to represent the five of wands because its imagery is SO fitting for how I see this card. The reason is that here we see a snake with two heads, each one trying to go a different direction. This is the most amazing image for this card as the message of this card is one of conflict and strife. This is actually very similar to most of the Fives in Tarot as they all represent a type of conflict or change. 

You see, there are times in life when we don’t have a clear direction or a clear understanding about how to proceed in things. It is in these times that our own lack of internal direction or clear understanding of what we desire or need become our own worst enemy.  The Five of Wands can represent external conflict and strife, but more often than not, when it turns up in readings of mine I find that it is speaking to internal conflicts. 

Added to this challenge of internal struggle where you are fighting against your own lack of direction or your own conflicting thoughts, the Five of Wands also typically indicates external disagreement on situations as well. In my experience this can make dealing with already difficult situations even more difficult. This tends to happen when we face difficult situations or have difficulty finding direction in our lives, but also have to deal with the myriad voices surrounding us giving us their opinion and direction of what’s going on and what they believe we need to do. Often these voices come from those closest to us who believe that they are helping us, but ultimately are making already difficult situations even more difficult. 

A warning in this image of the snake is to be careful not to pull yourself apart by trying to go too many directions at once, please too many people at once, and not actually taking time to find your direction before acting. 

When meditating on this card think about the situations in your life. Are there areas that you have less clear direction than you should have? Are there those situations where you aren’t sure what to do, and you have a thousand voices all telling you what you need to do? Take a moment, step back, sift through the noise. What does your intuition, your gut tell you? Find the direction that gives you the most peace then point yourself in that direction. 

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