November 27, 2017 – The Star

Witches Star

The Star

Today you have found yourself drawn to The Star. This week’s card comes from the Witches Tarot.

The Star is the seventeenth of the Major Arcana. When it comes to numerology the number 17 reduces to 8 which is a number of balance. This is incredibly fitting for this card, if you notice everything about the image is calming, from the water, to the figure, to the stars themselves. Notice that there are eight stars as well. This is no accident.

You see, finding the star at the beginning of this week suggests that you are moving into a period of healing, of balancing, of calming. There may be trials that you have been going through in one form or another. In this case the Star is a sign of either a resolution or of finding your balance in the midst of the storm. In the sequence of the Major Arcana the Star comes immediately after the Tower, which is a massive calamity and upheaval of life. So, even in the story of the Major Arcana it is the calm after the storm and the healing salve after troubles.

In the coming week look to those who you trust. Look to those who you know to be safe harbors. Let them help you in what you need. In addition to this look inward. When things get crazy and feel overwhelming take a moment to be still and quiet. Find the balance that is within you. In that stillness and quiet it is amazing the truth and profound guidance we can find within ourselves. Take heart, this storm is calming. Though you may not see it at the moment, you are at the beginning of balance and healing.