November 27, 2017 – Page of Cups

Witches Page of Cups

Page of Cups


You have found yourself drawn to the Page of cups from the Witches Tarot. This is a fantastic card to find at the beginning of a week. The Pages of Tarot are the childlike messengers. They believe the easiest. Their belief can be seen as naivete and can be sometimes on the extreme side that leads to difficulties, but overall their optimism and energy are amazingly powerful. Of all of them I see the Page of Cups as the most childlike and none are quite so much as this one from Ellen Dugan’s stunning deck.

Here we see a young girl standing in the path of a massive tidal wave. She is holding a cup with a fish and clearly has no fear about the situation in which she finds herself. She is a messenger. Her message to you this week is to find that childlike belief within yourself. As we grow we learn to be more and more concerned with being “realistic.” In that pursuit we often lose our ability to truly believe in something in the way a child does. In her situation we would likely be more concerned with the wave about to plow us down than anything else. She, on the other hand, is more concerned with the fish in her cup and showing what she’s created than she is the crashing waves around her. Does she believe she has power over the wave? Does she, in fact, have power over the wave? Is she simply unafraid regardless of whether she has power over it? Honestly, whichever is the truth doesn’t matter. The point is that she is completely unafraid and unconcerned with the perceived danger and more concerned with her belief in what she is doing.

The Page of Cups is telling you to look for those places of synchronicity in your life. Be on the lookout for signs from the Universe of being on the right path. Now is the time to start that creative endeavor you have been thinking about forever. The waves aren’t stopping and if you wait for them to stop then you will never do the thing that makes your heart sing. It’s time to harness the energy of the Page of Cups and not only stop fearing the waves, but step into them and face them. You have power to do amazing things. This is the message of the Page of Cups. If you only focus on the fear you will never soar. Believe in you. Believe in the Divine in you. Harness that energy and power and set yourself to work on the things that make your heart sing.