November 27, 2017 – Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles


The card you have been drawn to this week is the Five of Pentacles from the Witches Tarot. This is one of those cards of the Tarot that no one ever looks forward to seeing. Don’t despair, though. While the message is not always one we want to hear, it is always one that we need to hear. Take a moment to look at the image of the card. Notice the barren snowy landscape, the broken staff, and the barren tree with the five golden pentacles hanging from it. It paints a fairly melancholy picture. This is the barren land of worry.

The suit of Pentacles is related to the material aspects of life and is most often equated with money. While money certainly is part of the symbolism of the Pentacles, all of the material aspects of life fall under this suit. The Fives of Tarot are typically representative of conflict and this one is no exception. Here the conflict lies within, though. The message of the Five of Pentacles is that you are overburdened with worry about the material aspects of life. That’s certainly not to say that you have no reason for concern in your life, but that worry simply isn’t a thing that will help you. Worry and fear are the imagination being used against you. The things you fear have not yet come to pass. In this moment those things only exist in your mind and when focused on they steadily come closer and closer to being manifested as reality.

In this image we see a winter scene that looks hopeless. Worry would say that the tree is dead and all life is gone. Reality, however, says that we are in winter. These things are not dead. They are simply in their winter state. While that may not be abundance and life, it is also temporary. The snow will thaw and the tree will bloom again. Indeed, once you’ve reached this state the season is already turning to warmth once again, even if you can’t perceive the change at this moment. Rather than focusing on the barren land focus on the pentacles hanging on the tree that represent life and new growth. It won’t be long before that life and new growth is in full bloom and all worries of the winter are over.

The biggest message of this card for your week is to not spend your time focusing on your worry and your lack. Do the things you can do to change your situation and focus on the new growth. Even if you can’t see it yet have faith that it is there and that the season is shifting. What you focus on becomes your reality. Take heart, the winter isn’t permanent. Your worries and fears don’t have to be your reality.