November 27, 2017 – Seven of Wands

Witches Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands


The card that has been brought to you this week is the Seven of Wands from the Witches Tarot. The Seven of Wands is a card of perseverance and strength. Here we see the image of a man who is brandishing his staff against six others that are coming against him. We don’t see who or what may be holding those others, but honestly that doesn’t matter. What matters here is the action and the position of the man in the image. Notice that he has a look of determination on his face. Notice that his stance is not one of weakness, he is confident and is standing against his assailants. Some versions of this card have him standing on a cliff or balcony, so even though we can’t see where he’s standing in this image I would say it’s safe to assume that he’s in a similarly precarious position.

The Wands are a suit of fire, therefore a suit of energy and action. The message of the Seven of Wands this week is that you may be in a place where you feel that many things are coming against you, and they likely are. In this position it’s important that you not panic and fear what’s happening, but tap into your own strength and look at what’s happening. Recognize that you have the ability to push yourself through anything you desire and win victory over these assailants, whatever they may be. In the position you find yourself in not fighting through simply isn’t an option because that would mean utter defeat. That said, you have more strength than anything coming against you because you know the value of yourself and your own beliefs.

The Seven of Wands is a reminder to keep your eyes on your goal, on your destination. You know where you want to go, you know how to get there. On the road there will be many obstacles and since you’re finding this card this week it’s likely you’ll run into several of them in the coming days. Don’t let these obstacles deter you. They are challenges, to be sure, but you will be stronger for having faced them and you will be even more secure in yourself and who you are once you push through them.

The Seven of Wands is an encouragement this week. You are in a position of power, whether you realize it or not. Know it, feel it, believe it.