Page of Swords Ten of CupsOnce again I have two cards here for the meditation. This time the cards are from David’s Tarot, which is an absolutely fantastic deck that is entirely free to download and print! I’ll be 100% honest that I don’t believe this is a good deck for a beginner, but if you want to check it out you can do so here.

Here we find the Page of Swords informed by the Ten of Cups. This combination represents some powerful energy for positive change. It’s also a powerful energy that if not harnessed and focused can lead to places you may not want to go.

The Page of Swords is a card of youthful exuberance, powerful energy, and amazing drive. She is one that is so full of energy, in fact, that she can’t be held back even when she should probably take it a little slower. The Pages of Tarot are youthful and typically a bit reckless, but their energy is matched by none. The Page of Swords is probably the most energetic of the four pages. She has a natural passion and curiosity for life and is a truly idealistic person who fiercely believes and fiercely defends her beliefs, even when she may need to listen and learn more. As you can probably tell, this is a challenging combination. She’s one who can do amazing things, but she can also be reckless and run into things that could have easily been avoided had she listened to wise counsel. That said, her energy is absolutely certain to take her places. She’s one that will not sit still and is going to be moving and shaking things regardless of what anyone else thinks or wants.

The Ten of Cups is a card of blessing and harmony. It’s not necessarily a card of material prosperity, but rather a card of emotional prosperity and harmony in life. It’s a card that indicates fulfillment in one’s emotional life. This can mean a family, it can mean a business come to fruition, it can mean a project, it can mean any number of things. Ultimately, what emotional harmony and fulfillment looks like depends on the person.

The two cards together suggest that now is a time where there is powerful energy in the air that you can harness to change your life in ways that you’ve always wanted to. Just like I said about the Page of Swords, though, this is an energy that will spring you forward whether you want to or not. If you are unprepared to harness this energy properly or you are simply going where the winds blow you, then you may find yourself landing in a place that you didn’t expect and ultimately didn’t want. The inverse of the Ten of Cups is just that, emotional turmoil and disarray, which is exactly what will happen if the restless energy of the Page of Swords isn’t focused and tempered. This is a time to listen to wise counsel. Don’t rely so much on your own idealistic thoughts and dreams that you fail to listen to the advice being given to you. Those who love you enough to give you advice do so out of love so be careful not to dismiss it out of hand. Sometimes it’s just the advice that we ignored thinking we know better that’s the advice we should have listened to.

During this time if you can listen to the wise advice being given to you and set aside your own ego enough to realize you may not always be right, yet still harness this powerful energy driving you forward then this is a time in life that will spring you forward towards that emotional harmony represented by the Ten of Cups. The biggest message here, though, is that this is a time of moving and shifting and that the moving and shifting will happen whether you are prepared for it or not. If you aren’t careful you’ll find yourself lost somewhere you don’t want to be. Pay attention, be alert, and let the Page of Swords drive you to amazing new heights! Tap into that youthful exuberance and fly to the mountain top of the Ten of Cups!

As you meditate on these cards and messages think on the current events of your life. What counsel are you ignoring or not listening to? In what areas do you think you know best that you may be well served to listen to what others are telling you? What things can you do to help yourself move in the direction you want to be moving? What areas are primed and ready for you to act? Think on these things and you’ll begin to see the way forward to the mountain top.

Love and light, till next time.