The Crossroads Rune is a rune of opportunity, and a rune of choice. In life, we can come to minor crossroads, or we can come to major crossroads. Certain life events can trigger the variety of crossroads we come to and what we do when coming to those crossroads is the important thing. What is the last major crossroad you came to in your life?

In a reading, the crossroads rune is heavily dependent upon how it falls in relation to other runes. When drawing the crossroads rune, it is important to think about why this rune showed up in your reading. The crossroads rune, to me, is a more neutral rune in some ways. I don’t see this rune as an indication of warning or a blessing.

The importance of this rune relies in its foundations. You’ve come to a crossroads in your life based upon a decision or situation that you are in or will be in. What do you exactly do at the crossroads? Do you go left, right, forward, or maybe even backwards? The crossroads indicates a need for action of some sort. This action rune, to me, says that not moving is not an option. There are choices and events pulling and pushing at you. Staying still is stagnation.

Imagine, or remember, a puddle after it has rained. Let’s say it stays somewhat humid, and that puddle doesn’t evaporate or go away in anyway. Eventually that puddle may start to reek after a few days. Flies and other insects will start to grow in and around the puddle. Going near that puddle will not be a pleasant experience in anyway, unless maybe you are a fly yourself. Be careful not to become that puddle. The universe is full of cause and effect. Do not let inaction turn you into a stagnant puddle.

 Normally, I’d talk about the positives and the negatives at some point, but the point of this rune, as I see it, is more of a point to take action. Choose for yourself based on your intuition and based on the other runes around the crossroads rune. You have a choice and for things to get better or for a matter to be resolved, you MUST decide and move. Sometimes going back can even be a good choice. Examine yourself and your situations at the present, but don’t wait too long. You can’t afford to wait.

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