Hello all! I’m still alive! I’m sorry for my incredibly extended absence here. Lately my life has been filled with crazy medical issues which have led to some pretty intense financial struggles. Just keeping my life held barely together has been quite the challenge lately. One unfortunate side effect of that has been the neglecting of my blogging as well as the neglecting of my own spiritual life. While, unfortunately, I cannot claim that the challenges are over (either healthwise or financial) I have started to pull myself back into my regular spiritual practice, which is good. It helps too keep ones feet planted on solid ground when so much else feels like it’s shifting or falling away.

Today I did a Tarot study for the first time in a while. What I did was pulled a card then found that same card in other decks and searched for the message that I found to run through each of them. The card I pulled today was an absolutely amazing and fitting card for my life right now and it was a poignant reminder of the good things in my life. Below is an image of the card I initially pulled, from the Tarot Mucha, followed by the same card from multiple other decks.


As you can see, the card was the Two of Cups. What I find fascinating about this card showing up today is that this card is all about relationships and the power of them. Often times this card is read in a romantic sense, but I want to be incredibly clear that it does not have to be romanticThe Two of Cups speaks to the power of relationships in general. If you notice each one of the images has some aspect of a relationship. Sometimes it make take a bit to find it, but it’s there in each one. You’ll also notice that only a few of them could be construed as romantic.

The reason that I find this particular card and even this set of cards fascinating is that in this incredibly challenging time of my life it’s been and continues to be the relationships in my life holding me together. My natural tendency is to withdraw when things get tough. I get quiet. I keep my worries and fears to myself and I shut down. I don’t get anything done. I basically quit life. This is a pattern that I have followed more times than I can count. Yet, the reminder I find when looking at the images of the Two of Cups is that there is a magic and a strength in relationships that transcends either of the two people in the relationship. Have you ever had that moment in your life where just hearing the voice of another person energizes you in a way that you can’t even put words to? Have you ever been inspired, not by what someone says or even does, but just by the very fact that this relationship brings out things in you that you’ve never known about yourself before?

You see, in this incredibly trying time of my life I’ve had a few people who have both given me strength and I’ve had an opportunity to provide a strength and support in return. In each of these relationships we met needs that neither of us new we had, yet once they had been met it seemed so obvious and so natural and we pushed one another to new levels that we didn’t even know we had! Sometimes in these relationships I’ve had simple truths spoken that, while not earth shattering, they changed an entire perspective on something. Why, just today, the day that I pulled these cards, I had an amazing and much needed energizing conversation with my dear Lady Bash after not speaking with her for FAR too long!

I would invite you to take some time and meditate on these cards in this post. Meditate on the relationships in your life and what energy they are bringing you. Do you need to lean in to those relationships more strongly? Is there something you need to learn or gain from them, perhaps there’s something you need to give, and more than likely it’s both. You and those you are closest to have come together for a reason. The two of you together have a light that shines brighter and illuminates you both in new ways that neither of you would have alone. I would challenge you to rise to the occasion of the Two of Cups and give in to the relationships in your life and find the magic that you are meant to receive from them. I know that without my relationships I would be struggling through this period of life far more than I am now. Relationships, friendships, partners… these are precious connections of spirit meant to enrich our lives and to allow us to enrich others in return. Bask in them.