Runic Divination

Runic Divination is coming soon! Runic Divination information and requests will be arriving on or around August 15th! Thank you for your patience!

In the meantime, here is some information about runic divination…

There are two types of runes that we will use here for your readings. Ultimately, you will get to choose what feels best

 for you! It’s all about what your intuition pulls you towards. 

The two different types of runes we will use will be the Futhark runes and the Witch’s runes!

The Futhark runes are an early alphabet used in Old Norse culture. They have more recently been used for divinatory purposes. In total, there are 24 runes that are used in runic divination using Futhark runes. Futhark runic divination is an involved process and can give a more detailed possibility of your future.

The Witches runes are very modern, and there are fewer runes in Witches runes than in Futhark runes. In total, there are 13 Witches runes, although there are sets of 10 and 8 runes as well. Witches runes, in my opinion, should be used for simpler questions about future things in your life.

Both forms of divination will have me casting the runes with your question in mind. It is important to be open yourself about the question you asked and be open to receiving whatever it is you need to hear. I will cast (toss/throw) the runes upon my table that will specifically be used for runic divination. Depending on what appears and how the runes appear is how to tell what the message is to your question!