The Man Rune from the Witches’ Runes is a simple rune. It doesn’t take much to draw the rune out or paint the rune if you make it yourself. There is more to the simple nature of the man rune though, I believe that is partly the point of the rune. Men, in real life, can be very simple creatures, but they can be complex as well.

When this rune is drawn, it can mean a variety of things. As with all readings, the placement and proximity to other runes are important things to take into account when interpreting a reading. The man rune typically represents the masculine side to things. In a physical sense, men are typically stronger and bigger than women. What ideas and thoughts come into your mind when you picture a man?

When the man rune comes in a reading in a more positive light, I see a few things. I see a kind of brute strength, which could represent physical strength or possibly strength of mind and character. Both kind of strengths can be good qualities to have. Along with strength, I see confidence, which can indicate confidence and really taking hold of what it is that you are doing in your life. The man rune can signify an air of authority as well as protection. It could be time to protect what is yours and use your abilities and gifts that you do have within you.

In a more negative light, some of the typical stereotypes of a man can come out. All of the positive qualities to the man rune can turn negative. Unrelenting strength can cause ignorance. It may be wise to step back and take stock of what you have and what is before you. Arrogance is a prime quality of the more murky side of the man rune. Whatever the situation is that you are inquiring about, be wary of being arrogant and thinking that you know all there is to know about a particular situation in your life. Stubbornness can be a good thing because persistence is something what it takes for some things to be accomplished. In the end though, is being stubborn, arrogant, and ignorant really worth the potential pitfalls of causing an issue or a negative outcome to your situation?

The man rune can be exceedingly simple, but it does not have to be. Take stock in what you have currently, and protect your home, family, and the self. The man rune can indicate that you are going for what you want and that you will get it. Remember to heed the murky side of the man rune though. It always good to be conscious of ones thoughts and actions! You will make the future you want to come to fruition!