Eclectic Wisdom Tarot Experience

Readings are sent via email in a PDF format. One of the beauties of this is that you can purchase a reading at any time that you have a question. It doesn’t matter if I have an opening in my schedule or not, I will be able to do a reading for you and get it to you within a day typically (of course life does happen, children, pets, illness, etc…). The other great thing about this is that you will receive a written form of your reading with images of the cards drawn for you that you can keep forever. 

The readings are laid out in such a way that you will see the full spread first, then I will go into detail about each card and the position. One thing that I can guarantee is that your reading will be very detailed looking at the meanings of each individual card and position. At the end of the reading I will offer a summary of the overall message of the reading. Below is an image of the first few pages of an actual reading (shared with permission of the client) so you can see what to expect when you order a reading. This is only the first three pages of this particular reading. Each card in the spread gets individual attention as to meaning of the card and the position it’s in just as seen below. Each reading is typically between four to seven pages long.