Today I decided to do something different. As each of my Tarot Meditations recently and many of my personal readings have all dealt with the subject of abundance I decided to create my own spread about abundance and my relationship to it. Here is the spread itself and below I’ve written out my own use of the spread and what I learned about myself! Please, feel free to use this spread if you would like, but please be sure to properly credit Eclectic Wisdom and me, Gingery aka Fred-Allen Self, as the creator.

Eclectic Wisdom Abundance Spread

As I said above, after creating the spread I took time to really do the spread and study my own results. This is an incredibly personal reading, but I really wanted to share it here to show why I love the Tarot and how it can be a real benefit to people. I did this spread while at what I jokingly call my coffee shop office with the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. So, without further ado here is my spread:

Gingery Personal Abundance Spread


1) What is my current relationship with abundance?

Here we find the King of Swords. This is actually really interesting and kind of surprising for me to find here. The King of Swords is all about intellectual clarity, the ability to clearly think and clearly reason. He is also an arbiter of truth and an authority. This suggests that my current relationship with abundance in my life is a very intellectual one rather than an emotional one. While it definitely surprised me at first, the more I think about it the more it really makes sense. I’m a person who gets in my head and really works there a lot. Getting out of my head and into my emotions and intuition can be a real challenge sometimes. I think this is what drew me to Tarot in the first place, it’s something that requires me to get out of that heady space and into a more intuitive and emotional space. The King of Swords here also suggests that I understand what abundance is on an intellectual level, but am lacking any level of personal and emotional connection to abundance energy.

2) How is that manifesting in my life?

Here is the Six of Wands. This actually makes a lot of sense to me. Here we see self-confidence and a sense of victory. The intellectual understanding of abundance and what it takes to get there leads to a natural sense of self-confidence and strength. However, with the suit of wands I feel that this is suggesting a powerful determination and a feeling of victory associated with the self-confidence and understanding, but not a victory in actually pulling in abundance in life. Notice that the figure is surrounded by those lauding his efforts and celebrating him, but when it comes to actual abundance, there’s not much there other than his feeling and the thoughts of others. Certainly that is a form of abundance, but this is only one aspect of it. So much is still lacking. When the crowd clears, when the celebration stops, what is still there? Hmm… this is definitely something I think I need to reflect on.


3) What needs to be integrated for me to have a better relationship with abundance?

Here is the Reverse Hierophant. Honestly, I don’t usually use reversed cards, but when I laid this out it felt right so I left it. I find it fascinating that here in the Integration section of the spread is where the only Major Arcana falls. The Major Arcana represent a stronger energy than the Minors and here it suggests that this is the area that I truly need to focus on in my life. How fitting. The Hierophant represents deep seated beliefs, order, identification… reversed he suggests a lack of real belief and perhaps even only lip-service being given to beliefs without those beliefs being truly integrated. Here I read him as suggesting the need to examine what I tell myself I believe and see how much of it I really believe. The prior King of Swords says that I know all of the right things, but finding the Hierophant here tells me that I likely am not actually taking these things from my head to my being. It’s possible for knowledge to reside in your head without ever being integrated as actual beliefs, and this is what the Reverse Hierophant is saying here. I need to challenge my own internal status quo. Take the things I intellectually know and allow myself to open to integrating them into my being on an emotional level. This is a challenge for me as I’ve always learned to be guarded in that regard. However, in order to have the relationship with abundance I desire this is what I’m going to have to do.


4) How can I attract abundance into my life with this knowledge?

And here is the most difficult part of the entire spread: how I can use this knowledge to change my life. The Nine of Swords showing up here actually made me wince a bit. The Nine of Swords is about your thoughts and what they are doing to you. In the image we see a woman sitting up in bed covering her face, likely crying. The swords are facing away, but here’s the thing: I read those swords as representing worrying thoughts or knowledge that the person in the bed simply can’t let go of. When you focus on these negative thoughts those are the energies that you attract into your life. So often we focus on our problems rather than focusing on a solution. In addition to this, we as humans, and I certainly know I do this, tend to see the worst possible scenario and somehow convince ourselves that this scenario is the truth. When this couldn’t be further from true. There are always multiple options, one of those includes the best possible scenario, yet we dismiss that as fantasy rather than as a possible truth.

The Nine of Swords is a reminder to me to be careful with my thoughts. Stop focusing on the negative, no matter how frightening it may look. Look at and claim the best possible outcome and believe it as truth. Break the cycle. Being attracting those positive energies. Rather than keeping myself up with worry, allow myself to sleep with the absolute knowledge that the good is there and that abundance, rather than destitution, is already mine and is already here, rather than being on the way at some point in the future.

I hope that seeing this reading has helped you, dear reader, in some way. I hope that it gives some clarity on my reading process as well. If you have any questions sound off in the comments or contact me!


This reading was done with the Universal Waite Tarot Deck published by US games.