Tarot of Dreams Queen of SwordsToday’s meditation comes from the Queen of Swords from Ciro Marchetti’s absolutely stunning Tarot of Dreams. I’m an absolutely huge fan of Marchetti’s work in both Tarot and Lenormand as his art is always exquisite and expressive. This deck, however, is on a  whole different level of its own, in my opinion. This deck roughly follows the Rider-Waite tradition, but it definitely carries Marchetti’s own spin and even has five additional cards in its second edition.

The Queen of Swords from this deck brings a powerful message, but also a challenging one. The Queen of Swords has never particularly been one for the faint of heart. I find this especially true with this deck. In the image you see a winged woman holding a sword at the ready. Her expression is one of the determination and no-nonsense. You’ll notice that she appears to be peering out of the card at the reader. This is her level of intensity. She looks right past you and into your soul. In addition to all of this you notice that the symbol of Libra is in front of her. This indicates that she is a strong purveyor of truth and balance. As such she demands the absolute truth of all things and will accept no less.

As I take in this card the message I get from her today is as sharp and clear as the edges of her sword: this is a time in life to seek truth, unvarnished truth. This includes truth that hurts and doesn’t feel good to look at. Sometimes in life truth can be profoundly painful, especially when it’s a truth that we’ve tried to deny for a long period of time. While this certainly can be emotional and mental pain, sometimes facing these truths can actually have physical manifestations. This is often our subconscious trying to “protect” us, but in these situations we really must push through that and face the truth. Only by facing and subsequently accepting these difficult truths can we move forward in our lives and grow.

The Queen of Swords is also a strong reminder to own who you are. Live in your truth. Your truth doesn’t have to look like the truth of others, in fact, it shouldn’t. Each of us is unique. If any one of us were a carbon copy of another then one of the two wouldn’t be necessary. Each of us is here in this life for a reason. Own that and let your light shine. Don’t compromise this truth for anything or anyone. This is definitely a challenge in a world that wants us to conform, but it is the only way to live a true and vibrant life and it is the only way to truly change the world.

Ultimately the Queen of Swords is here today to cut through the bullshit. She has no patience for the fog and the stories that keep us from being the truest version of ourselves. She is a loving and mothering presence, but she is the embodiment of what is sometimes called tough love. She knows that what is best for us is sometimes painful, but that through it we can grow to levels that we never even thought possible.

Reading the Tarot, giving guidance to others, and enriching lives through the Tarot is my absolute passion in life. I truly seek to help each person I come in contact with. If you’ve even though about reaching out before, now is the time to take action. Cut through the fog and the bullshit. Let me help you through the cards!

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