Six of Disks ThothWhen I went to draw my card today I turned to the Thoth Tarot, which is the newest addition to my personal collection. If I’m entirely honest there was a long period where I was intimidated by this deck, which was created by the famed occultists Aleister Crowley with art by Lady Frieda Harris. The Thoth Tarot is a deck of powerful energy and symbolism. It’s certainly not a deck that I would ever recommend for a beginner in Tarot. That said, today this is where I turned to because it just felt right for some reason. I’m incredibly glad I followed my intuition, because what I received was this, the Six of Disks, the Lord of Success.

The Thoth Tarot does not in any way follow the familiar symbolism of the Rider-Waite and many of the Major and Minor Arcana are read quite differently. This is certainly the case with the Six of Disks. As you can see in the image this card is simply exploding with energy. In addition to this the disks are arranged in a very harmonious pattern creating symmetry and balance all around. In the very center is the core of the abundance of this energy. You see, when this card appears and comes into play, it is an indication of success and powerful synchronistic energy at play in your life. The Lord of Success indicates that the endeavors you are currently hard at work on are on their way to success and that as long as you remain in this place of powerful abundant energy, which you’ve reached by matters of choice, then the success and abundance is all but assured.

Notice, also, that outside of the circle of disks the energy continues to reach out beyond. I see this as a calling to share the success and abundance you have created and are receiving. You see, when we help to raise the energy and vibration of others by giving of ourselves we also raise our own energy and vibration. In this way the Six of Disks, the Lord of Success, is incredibly powerful and has the ability to raise others as well.

Remember that often the Disks (in other decks known as Pentacles or Coins) typically refer to the material and money. These things, like all things in life, are energy. Energy must be kept moving to have effect. So, as this abundance and success comes into your life, welcome it gladly from wherever it comes, and allow it to flow freely on to every part of your life and to the lives of others around you.

Are you ready to see what forces are at play in your life? Take action and get the insight you need to create the best path for your life.

Yes! I’m Ready!

The Thoth Tarot is an amazing deck filled with deep symbolism. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it allows for some powerful readings. To add it to your collection follow and link or the image below.