New Mythic Nine of CupsThe Nine of Cups from the New Mythic Tarot is the card I’m focusing on today. This deck is a re-illustration of and older deck. Most of the art is just an updated version of the old art, but some of the cards have been significantly reworked therefore changing the meaning of them. For this reason I actually think that both decks have merit and stand alone as unique decks.

The Nine of Cups is a great card to find today. For a while now the cards I’ve been pulling have had messages very much in a theme of abundance and self-work. This card continues this theme very nicely. You see, the Nine of Cups traditionally speaks of abundance, joy, happiness, and fulfillment. This particular version of the card is quite different from many that you will see, though. In this one we see two people who appear to be wedding one another with the marriage being presided over by a goddess, possibly Aphrodite, the goddess of love herself.

What I find powerful about this card is that the Cups represent emotions and feelings. There are six golden cups stacked next to the goddess, one in her hand, and one in the hand of each of the couple. This scene is absolutely overflowing with emotion and joy. There’s so much here that there’s plenty to go around. While there’s no one else in this scene, there’s a nearly unlimited amount of the joy and love to pass to any who come along. Even if no more come along, they have a huge supply for themselves!

The message of this card is a powerful one. You see, in life we go through trials. The sea here can represent those trials. To get to this point in their lives they’ve likely gone through a number of trials. Some of those may have come close to destroying them, yet their passion in life, their love for themselves and one-another, and their focus on their goals helped them come through to this powerful moment of joy and love. One of the keys in life is to focus on your desires and never lose sight of gratitude and love. These are things that the Universe is built on. Even in the dark times of life there are things for which we can find gratitude. When we begin to live in this place we begin to find that we have love and gratitude to share and spread, and it begins to spread whether we intentionally do it or not! When we do this we help to raise the energy and vibration of the entire world around us.

the Nine of Cups calls us to focus on the love and joy in our lives. If you feel like it’s hard to find or doesn’t exist, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate what you are looking at in life. This isn’t to say there should never be and will never be negative times in life or that negative feelings are invalid. However, it does remind us that we can choose where we focus in life. Our focus changes nearly everything. Where we turn our head and focus determines the direction in which we move. What direction are you currently moving in your life? Perhaps that’s what the Nine of Cups is calling us to reflect on.

We are coming up on 2018 quickly. Do you need insight into where your life is, where you’re focusing and heading, and how you might be able to change course to where you want to be? Let’s work together! I want to show you, one card at a time, how you can make the changes you desire in your life!

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