The Fool and Seven of Pentacles. My Tarot Meditation today is from the Hanson-Roberts Tarot. I really love this deck. While some of the people look rather odd, I find the images incredibly compelling. They are very much based on the traditional Rider-Waite images by Pamela Colman-Smith, but here they seem to take on a more human element. Some find the imagery too soft for their liking, but to me it opens it up for a softer and sometimes far more emotional reading than the traditional images.

Here we find the Hanged Man informed by the Seven of Pentacles. As it is the Major Arcana of the two I see the Hanged Man as the primary message and the message of the Seven of Pentacles as informing, or coloring, the primary message. That primary message today is one of letting go and letting be. Often times in life we get so wrapped up in reaching for our goals and getting things done and keeping busy that we forget to simply be. We forget that we are meant to be human beings not human doings. The Hanged Man finds himself suspended in a position where he has no choice but to simply be. Yet, notice that he has no look of panic or fear or pain. He is quite calm and relaxed where he is. He is content. There’s even a ring of light around his head and growth on the edges.

The message here is that sometimes we simply need to stop and be. Let things happen as they need to happen. Our society and everything we are taught are all about powering through and doing all the time. However, this subversive message says to be calm. The Universe is working with you. Allow it to. This doesn’t mean inaction on your part, but it does mean stepping back, being, and trusting. If you’re anything like me this is incredibly challenging…

So, what does the Seven of Pentacles mean and how does it color this message? Well, in the Seven of Pentacles you notice a young man leaning on a gardening tool looking rather morosely at the bush in front of him. It’s unclear if he’s been working hard or if he is just starting to work, but I get the feeling that he’s been working hard and is feeling frustrated with what he sees as a lack of results. His constant work isn’t getting him what he feels like it should be getting him. Yet, what he seems to be missing are the pentacles clearly growing on the bush and coming to fruition. Perhaps he expected more? Perhaps he simply hasn’t seen them? Perhaps he doesn’t feel they are worth all the work he has put in? The message here is one of taking stock and looking, honestly, at the results of work. Is this work worth continuing? Is it yielding what it needs to? If it isn’t meeting your expectation then why? Is the yield the problem or is it your expectation?

Often times in life we have expectations of what something should look like and, in my experience, the actual results rarely look like what we expect. This is okay. One of the hardest lessons in life is to let go of expectation and simply let what is be. This is how the Seven of Pentacles informs the message of the Hanged Man. While simply being and letting the Universe work on your behalf find a way to let go of expectation. The results of your endeavors likely won’t look like you expect them to. That doesn’t mean the results won’t be good or worth it, though! However, if you are so married to your expectation then you may end up missing the amazing results and blessings that come from your work.

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