Witches Ace of Cups and High PriestessToday’s Tarot Meditation is a bit different from what I usually do here, but you’ll begin seeing more of this as it allows for deeper meditations than a single card.

Here we find the Ace of Cups and the High Priestess from the Witches Tarot. Here we find what I would consider to be a pretty amazing message of hope and strength. The message starts with the Ace of Cups. The Aces of the Tarot represent pure potential. Each Ace carries the full potential of its suit as well as being the most powerful representation of it. The suit of Cups represents the element of Water, emotions, magick, and intuition, so naturally the Ace represents incredibly potential in these areas. Notice that in this card the Cup is overflowing with water and creative energies. The second card of the pair is the High Priestess. She is the second numbered Major Arcana. She is a powerful representation of intuition, feminine divinity, magick of the Universe, and the subconscious mind.

The message of this pair today is a powerful one. The Ace of Cups informed by the High Priestess brings a reminder today to trust yourself and your own power. Now is not the time to look for validation outside of yourself. All of the validation and cause to celebrate your existence that you could ever need is already inside you. You are a powerful manifestation of the Divine Universe in a human form. As such, you have all of the creative energies of the Universe at your disposal and within your mind. The High Priestess is offering an invitation, an invitation to step deeper into your subconscious mind and learn to trust your intuition on a level that you’ve never trusted before. As we grow we learn to trust our waking mind while learning to ignore our intuition. We learn to value logic over emotion. The cards today are a reminder that this is not always the best way to be, and in fact, ignoring intuition can lead us far away from where we actually need to be.

You’ve heard the statement, “Go with your gut.” Well, that’s basically what’s being said here today, but on a much deeper level. You have overflowing creative and magickal energies in your life. If you have creative endeavors in your life or creative goals, now is the time to reach into that abundant flow, harness that energy, and use it! Don’t wait, go now. This is also a powerful time to do spiritual work that needs to be done. This is part of the invitation of the High Priestess. She holds the secrets of the Universe and is inviting you to tap into your own power and go deeper.

Ultimately, the message today, for whatever you may be facing in life, is that you have untold power and strength within you. Even though you may not feel like it at the moment, you have the ability to weather any storm and create the reality you desire. You are being invited by the Divine to take a step deeper into your spiritual life and truly begin to understand that level of abundance that you not only deserve, that that is waiting for you already.