Today’s meditation comes from a set of three cards. As my last meditation, this isn’t a past, present, future, rather this is a single message consisting of three cards. I’ll discuss each card and their meaning in this post then talk about what the message as a whole is. The cards today come from David’s Tarot, which is a free deck that can be downloaded in PDF form and printed here.

What I love about the David’s Tarot is the unique art style. It’s definitely unlike any other deck I’ve ever used. Some of the cards are very detailed in their images and others, like the World displayed here, are amazingly minimalist. The imagery at times echoes the Rider-Waite, but more often than not very much stands on its own. This leads to some very non-traditional interpretations for the cards, especially as there is no guide for the artist’s intent. I honestly prefer this, though, as it allows intuition to really take charge and move forward without the ideas of the artist involved.

David's Tarot 11.22.17

So, for today we find the Hermit, the Then of Pentacles, and The World. I love finding this combination as it continues the theme that has been going on for a while now. I’m noticing that the messages are very consistent recently, but they are also slowly evolving and changing. Today’s message is one of prosperity and abundance in multiple areas of life. So, let’s dig into the cards individually.

David's Tarot The Hermit

The Hermit

The Hermit is a powerful card of self-reflection and seeking truth. In the David’s Tarot we see an outline of a person at a cabin. To me this indicates solitude in nature and a self-imposed solitude. Going a bit deeper it indicates retreat and recharge. It’s easy when you’re going and going doing the things required in life to get worn out and feel the need for a recharge. However, often times we ignore this need and just keep forging ahead. As a result we end up exhausted, sick, and frustrated. Often this leads us to not only missing our goals, but failing at our endeavors altogether.

In our society and culture business is considered a virtue it seems. “I’m good, but really busy!” has become the new, “I’m fine!” The Hermit here is calling us to remember to recharge. We need this for our health, for our energy, for our spirituality, for basically everything. We aren’t here to be busy busy busy then die. We’re here to live, to enrich our souls, and enrich to Universe for our having been here. We’re here to do amazing things, but these amazing things simply can’t be done if we don’t take time to retreat into solitude occasionally to recharge and recuperate. This can be something as simple as going to your room to read a book, spend some time in meditation or prayer, or possibly it does need to be an all out retreat to nature to spend time with the earth and its wonders.

David's Tarot Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

This card is one of my favorites of the David’s Tarot. Notice here that rather than the traditional pentacles we have ten flowering buds and that’s the only thing here! This speaks powerfully to the energy of the Ten of Pentacles. These flowering buds are the result of an investment of energy, time, and work. Yet, at the same time, these buds are something that was perfectly natural to have happened. This is the prosperity and abundance of nature. These flowers can happen without our intervention, yet when we take time to truly tend to them and nurture them they are able to bloom in a way that is truly magnificent.

The Ten of Pentacles speaks to the growth of abundance specifically in the material realms of life. This suggests that we need to remember to nurture those things that we are working on. Even if we aren’t seeing the result things are happening. Just like these flowers in the beginning were only seeds. There would have been a period where they were watered and nurtured and all that would have been seen was soil. It can be hard to see what the soil will eventually yield, and even once sprouts come out they aren’t flowers yet, so it can still feel like it’s a lot of work for not much return. However, the gardener knows what this work will yield even though they haven’t seen it yet. This is the reminder of this card today. Know what the yield is even if it feels far away and even if you ultimately have no idea what it will truly look like. Hold onto your vision and know that your nurturing, your energy, and your work on this vision is yielding results, even if they aren’t visible yet.

David's Tarot the World

The World

The final card of the message is The World. Here we see a circle with a line through it. There may be a lot of things that come to mind when thinking of The World in Tarot, but for me what I see is something completed. I will often created myself To Do lists and on them I’ll put a circle next to something and when I’ve completed that I will mark through the circle. This is exactly what I see here: completion.

So, what does this mean with this reading? It means that your goals can be reached and your dreams can be realized. If you create yourself a structure within to work and create clear goals you can reach them. Check off each thing step-by-step as they are completed and before you realize it you will have completed amazing things! We can’t take on the entire world at once, however, when we break our tasks down and focus on one at a time it’s amazing the things that can be completed in an amazingly short time. The World is a powerful reminder that the Universal Divine is on your side. Everything you need is at your disposal if only you ask for it and truly expect to receive. This will require work on your part, but you can know that the work will be successful if you approach it with clear determination and heed the previous messages of the Hermit and the Ten of Pentacles in combination with the World.

So, today’s message is a powerful message about reaching goals and doing so in a way that keeps you motivated, keeps you whole and healthy, and keeps your eye on the ultimate goal rather than on the frustration of what can often seem to be tedium. Remember that you are tending to something that is growing, whatever it is you are working on in life. Your garden does not need to be the same as the garden of others. It only needs to be your garden and the best version of what you envision for your garden! Just remember that in addition to tending this garden you need to tend to yourself and your own needs. Your garden needs you whole and healthy in order to thrive!

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