There are so many superstitions, fears, and beliefs when it comes to Tarot. I’ve addressed some of these before from the position of being inside the Tarot community, which you can find here. What about those outside of the Tarot world, though? Those who only know of Tarot through movies or through incredible misinformation? Honestly, there’s a lot out there that’s absolutely crazy when it comes to the world of Tarot. There are those who all they know of Tarot comes from the old late night infomercials like Miss Cleo. Others all they know they’ve been taught by religious leaders who honestly don’t know much about it themselves. This has lead to a lot of, well, let’s just say rather odd beliefs about Tarot and fears. This post is going to be a very short one where I’m going to talk a little bit about my thoughts.

So, let’s dive right in. At its heart Tarot is a method to get to know yourself better, to learn about the forces in your life, to find guidance, and a spiritual tool. The cards are not something that you will unintentionally summon entities into your home with. That’s not what they do or what they’re for. They won’t curse you. They won’t do anything without your input, to be honest. They are cards. They are cardboard and ink. In all honestly, beyond their art and what they are used for, Tarot cards are rather mundane. Did you know that they weren’t actually created for divinatory purposes at all? Tarot was a game that became very popular in Europe at one point in time. In fact, there are areas where the game of Tarot is still played. It’s unclear when exactly they began to be used for divination, but we do know that it has, over the years since it was introduced, become one of the most popular and therefore one of the most misunderstood methods out there.

Let’s first talk about divination. There’s this idea that divination means predicting the future and telling people about hard, set-in-stone things that are coming for them. This isn’t the truth at all. Perhaps there are those who claim to be able to do this, but I would take such claims with a massive grain of salt. You see, the future isn’t written yet, you have the ability to write your own future one step at a time. That doesn’t mean we can’t look at the current trajectory and see where you’re heading. However, once you have that peak you always have the ability to act and change that trajectory if it isn’t where you want to be heading. That’s one of the purposes of Tarot and divination in general. Another purpose of divination is to show you the elements at work in your life around you. We each can only see from our limited vantage point. However, tools such as Tarot can help us see the bigger picture of the energies and forces around us. This is done by opening our intuition and mind to be guided. The cards don’t control us, it’s actually quite the opposite. We allow our intuition to select the cards that have the messages we need to see. It’s honestly no different than the practice I’ve heard from some who open a book, a holy book or not, and select a passage at random and believe that it will guide them and give them the message they need for the time. In its purest form that is divination.

Those who read Tarot do not have to be psychic, they don’t have to have any special gifts, they just have to have taken the time to study and learn the organization of the Tarot, the order, and the way the symbolism works. Beyond that they have to learn to read the spreads and how the cards interact with one another. Someone who has worked with the Tarot will be able to give incredibly accurate readings that will hit home every single time. They aren’t typically vague, either, they are very specific. Although the Tarot will not give you little details about people’s lives like some of the infomercials make it look.

All-in-all my thoughts are that if you don’t know much about Tarot, open your mind to it. Don’t be afraid of it. If it isn’t your thing, that’s fine, but don’t be afraid of it. Don’t hate it. Let it be. For me, it is my primary spiritual practice and has been for quite some times. It enriches my life and helps me more than I can say. I’ve also been able to use it to help others and enrich the lives of others. If you are doubtful of it, check out the reviews of people that I have read for. They speak for themselves and each of these are real people whom I have read for.

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Love and light,