Hanson-Roberts TarotFor today’s post I started out by pulling a single card, like I always do, but I had a very strong sense that I needed to pull a second card. One of the primary things I teach when teaching others Tarot is to trust your intuition and listen to it. So, in practicing what I preach I listened to the call of my intuition. When I pulled a second card all-of-a-sudden the message I thought I had dramatically changed. It’s amazing to me how Spirit can speak in that way sometimes and how a single image can dramatically color a message. This is especially true when you have a deck as vibrant and beautiful as the Hanson-Roberts Tarot deck.

In the image here we have in this image is the Ten of Pentacles informed by the Ace of Cups. In an instance like this the Ten of Pentacles is the primary message, but its meaning and what it is indicating is then colored by, or informed by, the additional card. In this case, that card is the Ace of Cups.

The Ten of Pentacles in Tarot is normally a card of prosperity, abundance, wealth, retirement, passing the torch, as it were. Yet, when colored by the Ace of Cups which is a card of creativity, belief, abundance, magick, and imagination it changes it. Rather than being an ending and a completion, in my style of reading it makes it a beginning of something entirely new. You see, the Aces are beginnings. More than that, they are essential pre-beginning. They are the potential to begin something. In the Ace of Cups you notice that water is coming from the sky, it is pouring into the chalice, and it is overflowing. The Water indicates creativity, divine blessing, magickal power, abundance, and imagination. As you can see, there is so much here that it simply cannot be contained. If harnessed, this powerful creative energy is ready to explode into something entirely new and powerful. As the informant of the Ten of Pentacles it is a suggestion that now is the time to begin new projects that you have been holding on to. Specifically I am talking about creative projects. This could be art, a new product that you are designing, a creative business you are looking to build in new ways, etc. Whatever it is, the Ace of Cups is about harnessing that potential and actually doing something with it. All the most well laid plans in the world won’t matter if they are never put into action.

The Ten of Pentacles here, since it’s being informed by the Ace of Cups, is an indicator that whatever this new project is that you are contemplating, or perhaps it’s an old project you’ve always been too afraid of actually doing, it’s going to take you to new heights and it’s something that will benefit you in the long run. This is something that will benefit you for years to come and that you will look back on fondly as the moment that you really took control of your life and started building what you wanted to pass down as your legacy. It may not be the project that is that legacy, but again it may be. Either way, this is something that you will definitely regret if you don’t take the risk on it. I want to be clear, though, that just because you start this doesn’t mean it will be a success. It simply means that this is a the step that will lead you to success ultimately, even if this particular step is a failure. Sometimes you have to fail forward.

The ultimate message here? Listen to your intuition and where it’s guiding you. Right now there is a powerful energy of change in the air. I’ve felt it and nearly everyone I know is experiencing it in one way or another. It’s the time to harness that overflowing cup and us that powerful creative and imaginative energy, even if you don’t think it’s all that amazing. What you have is exactly what someone in the world needs, though, whether you are aware of it or not. Put it out there. Let your magick shine. Then use that momentum to continue building to that prosperous and powerful future you desire. You may never be rich and powerful in the monetary sense, but that’s not what ultimately matters in this life. This is the step to begin building to the legacy you want.

Take a moment and reflect on these images and the words here. What do they say to you? What quiet messages are you feeling or hearing? How can you put this message into work in your life today?

If you find yourself needing guidance or clarification, don’t hesitate to contact me or book a session. This is what I live for and what I love.