Gilded EmpressThe Empress from Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot is one of my personal favorite versions of this card. The Empress is always a great card, but his depiction of her is absolutely amazing and quite powerful, to me. While the Empress is often a message of femininity and abundance and growth, I always see more in this particular card.

Here I find the common message of embracing the feminine side of the Divine, but I also see a demand for transparency and truth in this card. If you notice there isn’t much here other than the Empress herself holding her gilded symbol of Venus. She is wearing a tightly fitted gilded gown and is standing among a ring of the zodiac. She is Venus, a powerful symbol of the feminine divine.  In this beautiful figure the reason I say that I see a demand for truth is that she is embracing all that she is. Venus is the ultimate example of a strong woman embracing who and what she is and refusing to apologize for it.

I find it appropriate that she is coming into view at this point in time. We have just passed the full moon and are in a period of living into your own truth. Nearly everyone I speak to recently is in a place in their lives where they are coming through a period of shadow and challenge and are really beginning to live in the light of their own truth. The Empress comes today to ask you to continue on this path, or if you have found yourself reluctant to do this, now is the time. This doesn’t mean to stand on the rooftops and shout for the world to hear, it may simply mean embracing your truth personally. That said, perhaps now is the time for you to shout your truth from the rooftops. Part of owning one’s truth is not just silently acknowledging it. It’s truly owning your truth and not caring who sees it. You see, truth is powerful. Even if your truth isn’t the truth of another authenticity leaves a mark. People recognize it and it elevates you to new places. Too often in this life we work hard to be everything for everyone and end up being everything but the true person we are. The Empress is here today tell you to cut that crap out. Life is too short for it.

Another aspect of the Empress and her message is that it’s time to embrace the nurturing side of yourself. In this life one of the most important things we can do is nurture ourselves and those around us. You may say, “But I’m not the nurturing mothering type,” to which I would respond: that’s okay. Not everyone has to be. That said, all of us have aspects of the nurturing mother in us. It’s simply part of being human and having any level of empathy. Now is the time to turn that nurturing inward and really focus on the parts of yourself that you need to nurture. This means forgiving yourself where necessary. It means being kind to yourself. It means cutting out the harsh criticisms you have for yourself. It means allowing yourself to be truly human. It means cutting yourself some slack and allowing yourself room for some rough edges and growth. This is all part of embracing your truth and living into the person you truly are meant to be. None of us are the perfect person that we want to be. Part of living truth and speaking truth to power and being fully authentic is embracing those parts of yourself you aren’t thrilled about and owning them as much as you own the parts you love. That doesn’t mean you stop working to grow, it simply means that you stop beating yourself up for not being your own idea of perfect. Remember: you are exactly where you need to be at this point in your life. Just don’t stop where you are.

As you reflect on this card today I invite you to dig deep to connect with the divine feminine within yourself. Each of us, no matter who we are, have both masculine and feminine within us. Each of us is a divine miracle as well. Choose to love, truly love, yourself today. Warts, blemishes, rough edges, and all. Radically love YOU and the wonder that you are. Then start striving to intentionally love yourself enough to live authentically in all moments of your life. That type of authenticity will change your world in powerful ways.