The Eye Rune is one that can come up a lot in readings that I do. In the case of pulling it in an individual reading or focus on a rune, it represents truth and vision. It says that clarity has come or is coming very soon. Eyes are used to look upon everything that we see. They represent vision and seeing what is before you. We can see things physically, but we can also see things mentally. There is also something called the third eye. Some may also call this the mind’s eye. This gives you the ability to see things beyond the physical. When you have that hunch that something is wrong or the gut feeling that something is right, these hunches typically come from seeing multiple aspects beyond the mundane. The eye rune signifies the cover on truth to be lifted. The eye rune allows you to see things for what they are. It deals with things that are in your life. Observe and watch for things in your life. Truth is there and can be known in multiple ways!