So, here we have the Hanged Man from the Angel Tarot. I have to be honest, off all the cards out there this is the one I probably get along with the least. Whenever he shows up in a reading for myself I channel my inner Dean Winchester with a, “Son of a bitch!” Why, you ask? Well, because the Hanged Man asks for things and signifies things that I’m, quite frankly, really terrible at doing.

The Hanged Man typically indicates a period of inaction. Often it’s a period of inaction that is forced upon you and that you really have no say in. It sucks because it’s usually, in my experience, a period of life that you really want to be doing other things, but life and the Universe simply have other plans for you. I recently went through a prolonged period of this because of my health issues. There were so many things in life that I wanted to be doing, but my body simply couldn’t do them. In addition to this, a lot of my time was spent going from doctor to doctor rather than doing the things that I actually wanted to do. This forced me into a proverbial time out.

The thing about the Hanged Man, though, is that it is also asking you to take stock of the world around you. While your world is upended and you’re finding yourself forced to stop for a bit, you have an excellent opportunity to really look around and take in what’s happening around you. While you have stopped, everything else hasn’t. The things that you had previously been caught up in are still whirling about you. Yet, not only have you stopped, your perspective has changed. From your new vantage point you have a unique opportunity to see things from a new perspective. Perhaps some things that had seemed incredibly important will now seem less so. Perhaps you will have the chance to see the forest that you had been missing because you were so busy rushing around examining the trees. Whatever it is, this period of inaction isn’t a period of stopping. More accurately it should be called a period of shifted action. It’s a time where you should focus on your inner life, rather than the outer as we are so used to doing. The Hanged Man is saying that in the midst of the chaos it’s time to find your inner peace and learn to accept that what will be will be and sometimes your own peace is what’s most important. Let the world spin on. Be at peace.

The reason this frustrates me so often is because the Hanged Man regularly visits me. This is a reminder i need often, as anyone who truly knows me can attest to. Sometimes it takes the Universe hitting me with the proverbial truck to make me stop. Then once there it has to keep me down until I finally get the message and actually stop. It’s hard for me. It’s not in my character to stop. Yet, once I do I always see profound truths and have amazing realizations that, had I taken time to stop earlier, I may have had a much easier time and avoided a good deal of heartache.

I would like to invite you, dear reader, to reflection on this card. It doesn’t matter whether you are reading this the day it’s written or far into the future, you are reading this at the time that you need to be. Really take a moment to look at the art of the card. What is it saying to you? What do you need to slow down and reflect on? Are you caught up in the chaos of life so much that you aren’t taking time to tend to your inner self? Are you in that forced time out of life and find yourself hating it? Whichever it is, take a moment and calm the restless energy inside you. What will be will be. Find inner calm and you may be surprised at the things that are revealed to you.

Love and light,