Week of November 19 – Nine of Cups from the Thoth Tarot

Thoth Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups – Happiness

This week you have been drawn to the Nine of Cups from the Thoth Tarot. To find this at the beginning of your week is a very good omen, indeed! The cups represent emotion and this card suggests and overflowing of positive emotion. Moving into the beginning of the week look for those things in your life that bring you happiness. Sometimes with the happenings of life it is easy to overlook the happy things which causes us to start believing that we don’t have much in life to have joy about. This card is a reminder to shift your focus and you will likely be surprised by what you find. For whatever reason, our human nature is to minimize the happy unless it’s over-the-top crazy happiness. We lose sight, however, of the fact that the little things add up! Notice that the abundance overflows from those cups at the top down to those on the bottom? It’s a cumulative effect!

On the shadow side of this card is a bit of a warning to not fall into the trap of self-indulgence. Your happiness and joy is infectious and has the ability to change the world and energies of those around you! Share this joy! However, be aware of how you respond to others and be sure that your joy is not coming at the expense of others.

Take time this week to reflect on joy and abundance and remember that you are worthy of feeling this. You have a choice in how you react, look for the joy.