Week of November 19 – Seven of Cups from the Thoth Tarot

Thoth Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups – Debauch

You have been drawn to the Seven of Cups from the Thoth Tarot this week. This card actually carries a much better message than the image and title would suggest. That doesn’t always mean that it is an easy message, but it is a good one to hear! You see, the Seven of Cups from the Thoth Tarot speaks to our tendency to create fantasies in our mind that don’t actually line up with reality. What I’m talking about are thoughts and beliefs such as, “The grass is greener on the other side.” You see, the rather toxic looking cups in the scene of the card are those cups that looked gorgeous and enticing from a distance, however upon closer inspection once you arrived you can see that they are, in fact, no more enticing than where you were and are often far worse than where you are.

As this has shown up at the beginning of the week for you it likely means that you are currently looking for that greener grass, or perhaps you believe you’ve found it and are preparing to make a jump to it. If that’s the case this card is a warning and is inviting you to truly look at both where you are and where you are looking to go. Often times we get wrapped up in emotion and let it blind us to the truth of a situation. This is what creates that strong desire to leave our current situation to go to greener pastures, but also what blinds us to the fact that our pasture only looks grim because we are up close and personal and we are looking at the other pastures from a distance where the blemishes aren’t readily visible.

This card is asking you to really step back and look objectively at things. Clear away the illusions and the stories you are telling yourself and see what’s truth before you make the jump. You may find that you aren’t ready or wanting to make a jump after all, or maybe you are, but this isn’t where you need to go. Be careful as you go through this week to keep your emotions in check and look at everything objectively to see the truth so you aren’t pulled in by an illusion of something that isn’t real.