Week of November 19 – Six of Wands from the Thoth Tarot

Thoth Six of Wands

Six of Wands – Victory

This is a powerful card to have come to at the beginning of this week. The Six of Wands from the Thoth Tarot is a marker of victory. This isn’t just some random victory, though. This is an indication of a hard-earned and well-deserved victory. The victory signified by the Six of Wands can be nearly anything, but it suggests that you have come through a time of trial in your life and that you have worked very hard to get to where you are now and that in the coming week you should finally begin to see the payoff for what you’ve done. Now, this doesn’t mean that all goals are met and that everything you’ve been working for is complete, but it does mean that you are moving into the season and first stages of victory. The tide is turning, in other words.

In this week take the time to notice and celebrate those things that you have overcome. Many times we get so wrapped up in the work that we are doing that we don’t even notice the victories we’ve won until we stop and look back and see that, wow, we’ve actually changed that or accomplished that. This card is asking you to take the time to see those things if they aren’t readily apparent to you. Once you’ve found them take time to celebrate them! You deserve it! Then use the energy of that victory to propel you forward to even greater things!