So, I’ve decided to start sharing some of my own experience with the Tarot and how I use it in my life. You see, to me, Tarot is an amazing tool that can give some amazing insight into current life situations and general directions of things. It isn’t a tool to tell the future. We don’t live in the world of Doctor Who or Back to the Future where the future is some static thing that’s already been written. No, rather we are writing our future day by day, step by step. The Tarot, rather than reading what will happen takes a look at where things are right now and sometimes, depending on the spread, how they got here and then it tells us the general direction we are heading in. Some spreads give guidance, some just serve as a signpost. Regardless of the reading, though, there are times when the cards just get downright sassy and other times bluntly real.

Today I experienced that myself. I decided to do a reading using David’s Tarot, which is one of my favorite decks for personal readings. I used a spread that I created meant to take stock of where things are right now and what specifically I need to work on. The spread I laid out is in the picture below. 

Tarot Guidance

My self-made guidance spread using David’s Tarot


Now, before I go any further let me tell you a bit about what you’re seeing there. The way I use this spread is that each position represents a specific question. As I ask the question I cut the deck and draw a card. The card on the far left answers, “Where am I right now in life, what’s really happening?” I ask this because too often we see a fairly narrow view of what’s actually happening in life. My answer came in the form of the Reverse Ace of Pentacles. At this point I knew I needed to buckle my seat belt… my cards were about to get real and be freaking blunt. You see, the answer in this card is that right now in life, I’m in the situation I’m in because of a lack of planning and foresight. The Ace of Pentacles suggests that I am in a place where I am primed for financial success, but basically I’m blocking myself by not doing my homework or by just not properly preparing before jumping. 

Okay… so great. I had committed myself to this, though, so I decided to go on to the next position, the bottom card. The question of this position is, “What do I personally need to work on in my life right now?” I tentatively pulled the card and when I saw it I just rolled my eyes. Yup… this was going to be a blunt truth-telling session for sure. You see, the message that the Emperor has in this spread and question is the need to work on building a solid foundation. Without that solid foundation from which to work it’s impossible to take care of others and to provide for others in the way I want to. In this specific instance the others are my family. So, I need to work on that foundation…. basically this is my cards telling me to stop putting the cart before the horse! You’re trying to build a house on something you haven’t even laid the foundation for! Stop it!

Well, onto the next position, this is the top position. The question here is essentially a follow-up to what do I need to work on right now. Basically, “Great, that’s what I need to work on, how do I do it?” If I’m honest, I laughed out loud when I saw the Reverse Seven of Swords. You see, this card is all about breaking cycles, getting out of bad habits. Basically, you have everything you need to move forward, you literally know what you need to do and how to do it, but you won’t let go of bad habits and bad cycles that you have created for yourself. Stop trying to escape realities and rather accept them, then once accepted change them. This is saying that I totally have the ability, skills, and knowledge to do what I need to do, I even know what I need to do. It’s time to suck it up and just do it. 

The two cards you see together are a joint answer. This position is, “What’s my financial outlook.” Again, here’s some blunt reality. The Magician and The Empress together say that the field is ripe, I’m in a perfect place to grow and thrive, but it really is dependent upon me to tap into my own skill and ability, and to not be afraid to accept help when it is given. In other words, “Your outlook is great! If you go make it that way.” Ha…. at this point I’m wanting to throw my cards. Not because I’m angry, but because they are being sassy and telling too much blunt truth. 

The final card is the one that tied everything together in this reading. “What are the outside forces affecting me right now?” The Moon. Basically… everything looks dark and grim right now. That doesn’t mean that it is. Have you ever noticed that in the moonlight everything looks different? Some things look otherworldly while other things look unnerving or even terrifying, yet on closer inspection they are quite mundane. For example, a large boulder could cast a frightening shadow that’s so dark you can’t even tell that there is a stone, you just see a deep blob of blackness. Upon closer inspection, however, what was frightening at first is simply, a rock. In life these things come in all kinds of forms. Basically, right now I’m in the moonlight. The things that look dark and grim and frightening likely aren’t at all… so stop assuming. Wait until things get closer and the light shines on them before deciding to be frightened of them. 

Overall, this was a good reading for me… it’s uncomfortable when you get called on causing your own problems. No one wants to be told those uncomfortable things, but that’s really part of what the cards are for! Sometimes they are amazingly affirming and positive, but other times they serve up a heaping helping of realness. In this situation, there are two choices: argue with the cards and insist that you’re just fine, or accept the message and set your sites on working on the issues at hand. 

This is why I love Tarot. It’s messages are not often earth-shattering, but they have purpose, they give direction. I love being able to offer this to others as well. 

When I do a reading I always look at and tell the message of each individual card as well as look at the connected and overarching messages. This is my reading style and I find that it’s an amazing way to read the cards. 

I just thought I would share a bit about my own personal Tarot practice. It’s also a great way to share some of my own spreads so if you wanted to try them!

I will probably continue telling a bit more of myself and my work along with my daily tarot posts. 

Peace and love to you all!

Ging 🙂

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